Nothing in physics prevents you from traveling as close to the speed of light as you like; 99.9 percent of the speed of light would be just fine. But no matter how hard you try, you can never gain that last decimal point. For the world to be logically consistent there must be a cosmic speed limit. Otherwise, you could get to any 

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Please read the operator's manual carefully. • Check that the cutting equipment is correctly fitted and adjusted. See instructions under the heading Assembly. • Refuel, start the chain saw and check the carburettor settings. See the instructions under the headings Fuel. Handling, Starting and Stopping, and Carburettor.

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Respecter la limitation de vitesse. Dépasser la limitation de vitesse. Brûler (griller) un feu. Griller un stop. Être en infraction. To keep the speed limit. To break the speed limit. To jump (to go through / to run) a red light. To ignore (to go through) a stop sign. To commit an offence 

On the road: driving & operating road vehicles - Synonymes, antonymes, et mots et expressions apparentés. Dictionnaire des synonymes pour On the road: driving & operating road vehicles: Voir plus dans le Dictionnaire des synonymes et dans le British English Dictionary – Cambridge Dictionary.

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Le comité d'initiation régional à l'aéronautique et au spatial (C.I.R.A.S.) de l'académie de Nancy-Metz a pour mission de promouvoir l'enseignement aéronautique auprès des élèves, il prépare les élèves au brevet d'initiation aéronautique (B.I.A).